Zoom!® Whitening

What is teeth whitening?

Teeth whitening is a type of cosmetic dentistry used to eradicate stains and discoloration from the surface of your tooth enamel.

There are dozens of teeth whitening options available, but almost all use the same ingredient –– carbamide peroxide. Carbamide peroxide is completely harmless and provides stunning, long-lasting results.

Why are my teeth discolored and stained?

The most common reason teeth turn yellow is our natural aging process. As you get older, the outer layer of your teeth (enamel) wears away. This wearing reveals the interior of your teeth (dentin), which is naturally yellow. The more visible dentin becomes, the more yellow your teeth appear.

Other factors that cause tooth discoloration include:

  • Drinking dark beverages like coffee, cola, or red wine
  • Using tobacco
  • Poor oral hygiene
  • Eating foods that stain, such as berries

You might also experience discolored teeth if you have taken tetracycline antibiotic when your permanent teeth were developing.

What are the types of teeth whitening?

Dr. Mandy will curate the ideal whitening option for you, depending on type of your dental stains, the existing structure, your base level dental sensitivity and how dramatic of a result you expect.

Philips Zoom! Chairside Teeth Whitening
Philips Zoom! is an in-office teeth whitening treatment that can make your teeth up to eight shades* brighter. Before whitening your teeth, Dr. Mandy isolates your gums, tongue and lips with a blocking barrier. She then applies a whitening solution to each tooth and lets it sit for 10-15 minutes while the activating blue light shines on them. The blue light triggers a chemical reaction that enhances the chemicals effect to whiten your teeth, eliminating stains and discoloration. The 10-15 minute session would be repeated up to 4 times to complete a full ZOOM treatment.

Opalescence™ Boost™ In Office Whitening
If you have sensitive teeth and are looking to enhance the appearance and whiten your teeth about 4-5 shades, Dr Mandy recommends a gentler whitening system, Opalescence Boost. Dr Mandy isolates your gums, tongue and lips with a blocking barrier. She then applies a whitening solution to each tooth and lets it sit for two consecutive sessions of 20 minutes each.

Take home Whitening
For patients with sensitive teeth who like to whiten their teeth at their own pace and control and contain possible sensitivity, Dr Mandy recommends at home bleaching kits. She will take a mold of your teeth and fabricate bleaching trays for you. As long as you don’t get new major restorative dental work, the trays will fit, and you can have bleaching for life using a variety of different gels. Depending on your type of stain and your teeth sensitivity, she will then recommend specific gel that will work the best for your teeth.

What type of teeth whitening will be of most benefit?

At CityZEN Dental, Dr. Mandy customizes teeth whitening treatment to each individual’s needs instead of taking a “one-size-fits-all” approach. Following an oral exam and an evaluation of your tooth sensitivity and discoloration, she can make a recommendation that aligns with your needs.

Typically, she recommends a combination of Zoom! Or Opalescence Boost along with a take home trays. A combined approach helps prevent oversensitivity and damage to your teeth.

*Individual results may vary